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Artwork Submission & Templates

Brokers and Resellers must
provide press ready vector artwork.

Ultra Pure sends labels to print on a flexographic press.  This involves a plate making process, press set-up and an initial printing of 6,000 labels minimum. Labels need to be designed / composed using vector illustration software / programs.  The application we utilize and support is Adobe Illustrator.  If other illustration software is used such as Corel, Indesign or Quark, then exporting to an eps file is necessary.

Do not use Adobe Photoshop to design / compose your label. Photoshop is useful for working on photographic type images which may be placed into a label but not to compose or complete a label. If you would like your Photoshop art included in a label we are designing, save the art as a JPEG file at the highest quality setting. A resolution of at least 300 dpi is ideal.

Do not submit artwork taken from the web or clipart. This type of artwork is of very low resolution and quality and although fine for online viewing, is unacceptable for press printed works.

Please include all images and art used in the label you are designing by embedding the image. If the image is linked then you will need to send the art file that you are linking to. All type needs to be converted to outlines/curves before sending. This prevents the need for us to have all the possible fonts our customers may use.

A Word on PDF files

The PDF file format is able to hold many kinds of textual information, documents and graphic formats: bitmapped JPEG (Photoshop) and vector (Illustrator.) This means that your PDF file may be acceptable depending on what has been saved. Please submit the file for review

Our design template is a PDF file containing a vector template that can be used in Illustrator to compose your label and is also viewable on most any computer with Acrobat Reader. 

Download a template file
and begin your label design
(vector graphic software required)






Go Here to submit your art files and
have us prepare a label.