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The Package

Create an identity, make a statement, and show everyone that you mean business. Private label water allows you to display and promote your brand unobtrusively and subtly by serving customers and friends the most basic of needs: water. Now more than ever your business needs to be current and relevant. Your business needs to seen. More importantly your business needs to be remembered.

At Ultra Pure we provide the very best in package labeling using high quality poly coated papers that withstand the rigors of condensation and moisture. Labels are printed using high quality four color and Pantone spot color inks on the very best flexographic presses available in Florida.

From cap to bottle; stable and safe materials to match the quality contents are another important goal at Ultra Pure Bottled Water. From the water to bottle, from cap to label, the success of your project is assured.

The Private Label Ordering Process

– You contact us for pricing.
– Preliminary “open” quote is sent
– You submit art for analysis
– Final quote is sent
– Label proof is sent within 48 hours
– Revisions are made as needed
– You submit final sign-off.
– Labels are received within 2 weeks
– Delivery or pick-up is arranged



12oz Blue


16oz Blue

16oz Glastic

16oz Blue Glastic

16oz Bullet