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All water may be created equal but…

It’s all supposed to be very simply: two hydrogen molecules and one oxygen molecule right? That’s what nature intended but the reality is that in today’s fast-paced industrialized world much can be found in water that really shouldn’t be there. To be exact, water should be “a nearly colorless, tasteless and odorless liquid”

Ultra Pure Bottled Water’s involved process aims to literally strip an already well processed water and get it back to what it should be: pure, clean and safe water; nothing more and nothing less. Our water is consistently monitored and tested daily for the lowest total dissolved solids (TDS,) absence of chlorine and a neutral PH. Weekly laboratory testing insures against coliform bacterium and algae. Ultra Pure Bottled Water’s process utilizes state-of-the-art micron and carbon filtration followed by high-tech reverse osmosis. We finish our water with ozonation to insure a good shelf life.

The Tampa municipal water supply derives its water from the Hillsborough River, which is in turn fed from Crystal Springs in Zephyrhills and the green swamp watershed across central Florida. A good source of water and a fine municipal water treatment plant yields good water only made better through Ultra Pure Bottled Water’s commitment to quality.